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Hosting Awards

Awards Hosting 2012

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Act with Meet & Greet

The Great British Care Awards 2012 red carpet event!

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Birthdays & Celebrations

Give the birthday surprise of a lifetime by having The Chippendoubles perform their act

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Hosting Awards

With The Chippendoubles hosting your event, your guests will be delighted and mesmerised by the impact of having 5 or more 'celebrity' hosts, bringing a rich mix of humour and comedy. Everything within the act can be tailored to your individual needs making your event truly 'one of a kind' and leaving your guests feeling special, valued and entertained to the max. At The Care Awards 2012, Grosvenor House Hotel, following a rapturous reception to their act, The Chippendoubles then went round the tables to collect donation envelopes and spent the rest of the evening mingling and dancing with the delighted guests.

Act with Meet & Greet

As your guests arrive at the event, have them astounded and laughing from the word go as The Chippendoubles kick-start the proceedings to meet and greet guests as they arrive. With such a variety of characters, The Chippendoubles are sure to cater to every taste.


Birthdays & Celebrations

Give the birthday surprise of a lifetime by having The Chippendoubles perform their act which caused the biggest live reaction in the history of Britain's Got Talent! Followed by interviews with The Chipps which can be tailored to birthday boy or girl! Plus The Chippendoubles will continue to mingle with all your guests, posing for photos, sharing a bit of fun banter and joining in the dancing when the music or DJ kicks in. "The reason I decided to book The Chippendoubles for my mother's 50th birthday party was that unlike other acts which leave after their performance, The Chippendoubles not only perform a great act, they stay to entertain throughout the evening - they're GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY!" - Victoria.

Product Promotion

Whether it's an exhibition, exposition, trade show, store opening, product launch or sales promotion, nothing will bring the excitement and clients to your stand or store like The Chippendoubles can. The high value impact of not one lookalike but 5, 6 or 7 cannot be underestimated. If you're at a trade show or exhibition etc, having The Chippendoubles on your side will blow the competition away!

TV Shows/Corporate Video

With such a wide variety of individual characters from the seriousness of Bond or Beckham, to the silliness of David Brent or the cool of Will Smith and Mr T, there are simply so many possibilities for using The Chippendoubles in your TV programme or corporate video. They'll leave your viewers demanding 'more, more, more!'

Barmitzvah / Batmitzvah

Make their coming of age celebration the envy of their friends - and all your friends too! The Chippendoubles will perform their 'Britain's Got Talent' act which can include the celebrant too, do interviews, mingle with the guests, pose for photographs and so much more. They'll always remember they night you brought the stars to them - and made them a star too.

Family Fun Days

You may be with the Forces or it may be a company 'Family Day' - with a Chippendouble to suit everyone's style and taste, your guests will love the high energy impact of The Chippendoubles' act and be totally entertained throughout as the Chipps mix and mingle, posing for photos with everyone as they go.

Photo Opportunities

Whether it's when The Chippendoubles are mixing and mingling with your guests or against a specific backdrop, your guests will love the thrill and the fun of posing with their favourite character(s). A real memento of their night with The Chippendoubles.


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