• Ricky Gervais

    Our Ricky G is a professional lookalike that has done a double act with the real Ricky Gervais & before you ask, yes, he does the Dance. A lot!

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  • David Beckham

    Our Beckham has been the most well known & used Beckham lookalike in the industry. He has even featured in the film Bend it like Beckham!

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  • Will Smith

    From London to Las Vegas, South Korea to South Africa Dubai to Dublin, Shad Ellis has been 'wowing' all audiences of all ages and all sizes.

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  • Gordon Ramsay

    On the Menu today is our Gordon Ramsay, an experienced impersonator and performer that has worked alongside Gordon Ramsay himself!

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  • Chippendoubles

    The Chippendoubles are a Celebrity Lookalike Variety Act that reached the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent & caused the biggest live reaction in the history of programme.

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  • Simon Cowell

    Our Simon Cowell Lookalike is one of the most popular lookalikes in the UK. He has the looks, voice and mannerisms of the real Simon Cowell.

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  • Daniel Craig

    James bond is one of the worlds most iconic characters, so hire Steve to make your event go with a bang!

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  • Mr. T

    Our Mr. T has the looks, voice and mannerisms of the real Mr. T. He is a massive hit with all age groups especially with the children.

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  • Extra Chipps

    From Susan Boyle to heart throb Johnny Depp & we have an arsenal of extra award winning lookalikes to create a bespoke act for any event!

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Looking for someone to host your event? How about a Chippendouble takeover!

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You can select which Chippendoubles you would like to perform in the act and also what track you would like the finale to be.

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We always enjoy catering to our inventive clients. We like a challenge so check out some of the bespoke events we have been booked for.

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